Ozarks Chapter of Sports Turf Managers Association (OSTMA) is an organization formed of sports turf managers and associate members that strive to enhance the safety, playability and overall appearance of sports fields. OSTMA endeavors to enhance the professionalism of its members through education and the free exchange of ideas with other turf managers


  • Ozarks Sports turf managers Association meetings with educational offerings to enhance our professionalism.
  • Interaction with turf grass scientists and fellow sports field managers.
  • Sports Turf Magazine Subscription.
  • Power Links at OSTMA (Link) and STMA (Link) websites offer information on the aspects of sports field management.
  • Annual turf and ornamental conference and trade show in conjunction with Missouri Turf and Ornamental Council.
  • Annual field day at University of Missouri Turf and Ornamentals Research Center.
  • Ozarks Sports Turf Managers Association newsletters.
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OSTMA - Professional Sports Turf Management  -  Wherever Games Are Played
OSTMA - Professional Sports Turf Management  -  Wherever Games Are Played
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